6 WordPress Plugins That Enable Lead Tracking and Conversion

One of the most popular blogging software around, WordPress has been the ultimate content management software since its inception in 2003.

Apart from being very easy to use and intuitive from an interface standpoint, it is increasingly becoming a crucial component of businesses’ digital and affiliate marketing strategy. Needless to say, WordPress is hugely advantageous if you intend to use this platform for business sales.

Constantly evolving and budding, WordPress has a range of plugins that allow for lead tracking and conversion. Today, it is quite simple to leverage on such platforms and convert them into a lead-generation machine.

If you are looking for some amazing WordPress plugins to publish better content, track leads and convert them into sales, here are some of the best ones:

1.     Squirrly SEO

This amazing plugin allows writing search engine optimized articles for business blogs, including keyword research. Adding excellence to articles, you can also add royalty free images based on highly desirable keywords.

2.     Instant Suggest

As the name implies, Instant Suggest is a plugin that suggests keywords, checks spellings and completes the word automatically as you type. Moreover, you can also select your suggestion option from Google Instant Suggest or even Wikipedia. Typically, Instant Suggest can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Using keyword research tool, you can find SEO targeted words,
  • Find associated articles to obtain ideas for your writing piece via Article Research Tool,
  • Replace a term in the article with a keyword using Keyword Suggestions Context Menu.

3.     WP Email Capture

This plugin creates two primary fields: Name and Email in order to capture emails. The email option is, however, a double opt-in that permits forwarding opt-in services such as software and e-books. Once you are ready to initiate your email marketing campaign, all you need to do is export your list into the selected email marketing program.

4.     Call to Action

This plugin provides some of the most effective and relevant call to actions in the sidebar, depending on the content provided on the page. They are displayed randomly based on the category assigned. However, if no category is assigned, that particular action will exhibit on pages with no categories.

5.     Paupress

Recognized as a CRM for WordPress, it allows adding and arranging as many customized fields to the user profile as you want. Also, it helps setting advanced permissions and search to find differences and cohesions. Not only can you create as many contact forms as you want, but also keep track of user activity within the system.

6.     WordPress Leads

This is one of those rich plugins that can be effectively utilized for CRM and lead management. WordPress Leads can be integrated with other CRMs, in addition to a range of mailing software. The best feature of this plugin is that it provides ample data on lead conversion and other geographical information.

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