6 Simple Ways to Turn Your Visitors into Customers

Conversion is the top priority of every business’ online marketing strategy. Conversion not only improves your existing sales figures, but it may also lead to long term profits and growth.

Although many businesses have incorporated conversion strategies in their online marketing programs, some are still unaware as to how they can convert their visitors into customers and achieve their marketing goals effectively. For those businesses, here are some ideas on turning visitors into buyers.

1.     Create Engaging Landing Pages

Customers need an exciting world of great visuals, engaging content, and bold statements highlighting product features. However, when a potential customer enters into your e-store, he/she must get a rich, meaningful digital experience to feel tempted enough to make an immediate purchase decision.

2.     Create a Sense of Urgency

Add a strong call to action with a sense of urgency to encourage visitors to make a purchase instantly. Remember that the longer they take to make a purchase, the harder it gets to convert them. So, create a sense of urgency to drive people to make a quick decision. To trigger the action, you may use phrases, like Sign up Now, Start Seeing Results Instantly, Don’t Put This off Any Longer, etc.

3.     Add Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials or user reviews make a huge difference on your product’s perceived value. However, you should have a dedicated testimonial or reviews section in your website to let your potential customers know some real life experiences of others. By increasing credibility and reliability of your products and services, reviews and testimonials can significantly impact your conversion rate and resulting profits.

4.     Feature Customized Offerings

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to make a purchase is offering customization. By offering customized products, you may assure that people may find whatever they need without having to browse through various stores.

5.     Offer Limited Access

Companies offering virtual solutions may increase their conversion rate by offering limited access to various areas of the website. Once you know that your visitors are hooked, you may ask them to register to get full access to the company’s products or services.

6.     Offer Exceptional Response Time

Website efficiency is something every businesses pays attention to. Studies indicate that for every second delay in speed, there is a 7 percent decrease in conversion rate. This shows that the efficiency of your website can have a drastic impact on the sales and the overall growth of the company. This is the reason why large businesses, like eBay and Amazon make every possible effort to ensure that their websites are super efficient in terms of speed and response time.

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