6 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Ignore

Affiliate marketing is a relatively efficient way of promoting your business. It helps companies turn potential customers into sales and re-direct the follow of online traffic toward their websites. A fast increase in popularity of the industry has resulted in affiliate marketing becoming a hot topic of discussion.  

Unfortunately, this has given rise to misinformation and myths which prevents companies from utilizing its potential for business growth.

In this blog, we seek to dispel such myths and put aside those unnecessary fears!

Myth # 1: It’s Far Too Competitive

Competition indicates there is money to be made and while it may not be a walk in the park to get to the top, tapping into smaller market sources and locating the right business opportunities will allow you to effectively scale your campaigns.

Myth # 2: Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Suited for SEO

A primary concern is link placement from an SEO perspective. Many fear that their websites may be penalized for paid links from a different site under Google’s guidelines. This is simply not true. It is important to remember that the set SEO rules are proportional to the power and influence of your business from both a commercial and user perspective. As long as you have a site without abundant ad links to external sites which prevent users from reading the content or making a purchase, you’re good to go.

Myth # 3: It requires Expertise

Mark Cuban once said, “All you need is a laptop or a PC and an Internet connection and you can pretty much do almost anything and create almost any type of company.”

 This is very true even for affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing software providers out there that allow your business to set up its own affiliate network with customizable features such as performance review and feedback platforms. These easy-to-use programs require very basic knowledge and can be operated by almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

Myth # 4: You Need To Live In a Particular Country

Some of the most successful marketers live in countries such as India, Indonesia, and African countries. This provides the additional benefit of leveraging the weaker currency which allows for greater traffic flows. It also helps if you know the local language.

Myth # 5: Success Is Highly Based on Luck

To those who are unaware of the technicalities, luck may appear to be a factor. A profitable campaign heavily relies on effective data analysis and project optimization. Knowledge and skill play a key role and allow for a greater access to improved profit margins.

Myth # 6: It’s Difficult to Retain Customers

If you think about it, someone who has made a purchase from your site and is satisfied with the product and/or service is more than likely to come again. The key to retaining customers is based on your coupon customization and creating positive customer experiences. An example is offering a holiday or birthday discount which is more than likely to be availed by existing customers.

It is important to kill off such myths that act as barriers preventing people from fully utilizing the benefits of affiliate marketing. Invest in our affiliate marketing programs today to boost your business sales and profits!

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