5 Myths of Affiliate Marketing Debunked

As valuable as the Internet is today, one cannot deny that some of the content and information available on it is slightly dilute. Especially, when it comes to affiliate marketing, one can easily come across a wide variety of opinions that can result in second thoughts if they are thinking to set up an affiliate program.

However, most of this is a misinformation or myths. If you are considering an affiliate tracking platform alongside marketing, here is what you need to know about the most common myths and how they are almost entirely baseless!

Myth #1 Sales is completely reliant on them

Some people assume that affiliate marketing is the only thing that makes up the entire sales force. Although it is an amazing and highly effective marketing tool, there should also be other strategies included in your marketing strategy, high quality customer service being a pivotal element. If the products and services you provide are not up to the mark, the likelihood of your results from your affiliates will also lessen.

Myth #2 They Are All The Same

This is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to affiliate marketing. Each of your affiliate is a different person, which ultimately implies that each of them have needs dissimilar to other affiliates. Treat them like your partners, most of them are running their own businesses and projects alongside after all.

Myth #3 A Start Up Is Very Costly

This is clearly not true. There are a wide variety of affiliate marketing programs available online that are reasonably rated on a per month basis. Our affiliate marketing software not only comes at highly cost effective rates, with packages in accordance to your requirements, but setup is also quick and easy!

Myth #4 Not Worth It

As opposed to people believing that the sales force is solely comprised of affiliates, some (wrongly) believe that they don’t add value. Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful tools for turning website visitors into customers. Moreover, studies conducted by Forrester Research indicated that affiliate marketing has risen by almost 16% since 2007.

Myth #5 Numerous Websites= Successful Affiliate Marketing

Last, but not the least (sadly), the fifth most common myth according to our surveys is that successful affiliate marketing is directly proportional to the number of websites one has. For example, you may have several websites but you are not generating revenue due to the inexperienced affiliates working with you. Success in affiliate marketing entirely depends on the partners you have, which is why, make sure you treat them right!

If you are considering affiliate marketing for your services, look no further than LeadDyno! We not only give you the best services, but we also have one of the best affiliate tracking software in the market! If you need more information, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to be of assistance.

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