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LeadDyno's 2019 Music Affiliate Programs Guide

We all love music. But we don’t all listen to the same singers, bands or DJs. But that’s alright. Because today’s music affiliate programs aren’t about any specific genre of music. It’s all about the sound systems used for listening to music.So whatever influencer niche you are into—you can most definitely promote these products to your music-loving audience.

First, let’s take a look at the guest list of the brands that you’ll be promoting as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Woojer
  2. xFyro
  3. NanowGet
  4. Coda Music
  5. Grand Videoke

Now let’s get down and dirty on the products that these music affiliate programs have to offer.

5 Music Products to Promote

The following music affiliate programs are in no particular order. But they are all laid out the same way. Product image/video. Short description of the product/brand. Then to top them up – an affiliate link to sign up to the program.

Here you go…

1. Woojer Affiliate Program ♫ 10-15% Commission ♫

Imagine sitting on your couch at home, listening to music.

But it feels like you’re at a live concert! That’s exactly how it will feel with Woojer’s insane multi-media sensation. The sound system is made with polyphonic haptic technology.An innovative design that enhances your media experience by allowing you to feel physical sensations in your body. Just watch the video! Everyone that experiences it gets blown away! Affiliates earn a commission of 10-15% on sales.

2. xFyro Affiliate Program ♫ 15% Commission ♫

Blue Waterproof Wireless Earbuds by xFyroCan’t stop listening to your favorite tunes? Are your headphones permanently attached to your head?

But what happens when you want to go swimming? Or jump in the shower?

Those music headsets have to come off, right?

But not anymore!

Now you can stay connected with your songs no matter what the water conditions.

xFyro brings your music entertainment to the next level.

Offering superior HD found through their wireless AND waterproof earbuds.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

3. NanowGet Affiliate Program ♫ 6% Commission ♫

Galaxy Earphones by NanowGet | Music Affiliate ProgramsYou know music is your life when shopping for earphones and headphones is a highlight.

Whether listening to music is something you do at leisure, while working out, gaming or all of the above, checkout NanowGet for hot earphones and headphones.

From gaming headsets, waterproof and Bluetooth headphones to enchanting galaxy earphones.

Sound waves never looked and sounded this good.

Affiliates earn a commission of 6% on sales.

4. Coda Music Affiliate Program ♫ 15% Commission ♫

Hands-Free Page Turner for Music SheetsThere’s more to being a musician than the ability to play an instrument.

Without realizing it, musicians become skillful in things like turning pages all while trying to make musical sense.

It’s a lot of pressure, especially for the less experienced.

But Coda Music Tech is out to solve this problem with its hands-free page-turner and app controller pedal for tablets.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

5. Grand Videoke Affiliate Program ♫ 5-10% Commission ♫

Grand Videoke Canada Reseller Program

Do you have a karaoke addition? But can’t you can’t always get to a karaoke joint?

How about having your own karaoke system in your home?

Invite your friends. Get the whole family to come over.

Because the most advanced karaoke music system is going to rock the house down!

Grand Videoke has almost 8 thousand build-in songs.

Their Symphony Pro series comes with Perfect Pitch advanced scoring.

It will be like having your own vocal coach!

Affiliates earn a commission of 5-10% on sales.

Looking for More Affiliate Programs?

I know what it’s like.

You sign up for a few of these music affiliate programs. Then you promote a few products. Make a few commission bucks. Then you’re itching for more!

Well, lucky for you—we always have MORE.

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