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A new year is lurking around the corner. So it’s time to think about getting your finances in check. With that in mind – everyone else will probably also be looking for some financial assistance. Therefore, wouldn’t it be a great idea to start looking into a few great finance affiliate programs?

We have picked 5 programs that we strongly suggest you check out.

Now let’s quickly look at these finance programs that you can sign up to:

  • Credit Services (25% Commish)
  • Retirement Income Strategy (50% Commish)
  • Convenient Financial Services (90% Commish)
  • Loan Signing Agent Online Training (45% Commish)
  • Refinance Student Loans ($200 Commish)

Wait, before we go into more detail about these programs, we would like to remind you that you can browse even more financial related programs over at e-commerce affiliates.

Okay, now how about we take a closer look at these 5 finance affiliate programs?

Here Are The Latest Finance Affiliate Programs

Let’s get the ball rolling with an organization that offers great financial services for individuals or businesses looking for credit assistance.

1) Credit Services – 25% Commission

Global Credit Help | Professional Financial Services

Financial skills are not for everyone. We all like to receive money but unfortunately, we don’t all know how best to go about it.

Thank goodness for services like Global Credit HelpThey offer various business and personal credit services.

I especially like their DIY kits – ‘cause we all like to maintain a level of control as far as our financial affairs are concerned.

So something like the DIY Business Credit Building Kit is a great way to get the job done but also gain some level of knowledge regarding the process.

Cool right?

Now if you want to become an affiliate and earn a commission of 25% on sales, then sign up to Global Credit Help’s affiliate program.

2) Retirement Income Strategy – 50% Commission

The Trader's Plan | Financial Affiliate ProgramIn our current global economic environment, any hope of retirement looks gloomy.

I mean, we’re working harder than ever just to make ends meet – nevermind trying to figure out what we’ll do with ourselves when we’re too old to work.

Who wants to slave all their lives anyway?

But there is hope, people.

The Trader’s Plan provides a stock market newsletter that includes retirement income trading strategies with easy to follow weekly signals.

If you’re keen on having a decent retirement, then this newsletter is a must sign up.

Better be safe than sorry, right?

If you want to earn a whopping 50% commission for every signup you get, then join the affiliate program of The Trader’s Plan and start earning today!

3) Convenient Financial Services – 90% Commission

Offer Edge | Finance Affiliate Programs

Do your finances feel like a hot mess?

You know, the type of mess where you just close your eyes and hope for the best?

Yeah, that’s not sustainable and you know it.

Get a grip of your money with OfferEDGE.

After checking out what they have to offer, I already feel hopeful.

OfferEDGE offers convenient financial services that you actually need. Like loan services, emergency cash, simple bill payments, budgets and so much more.

OfferEDGE is your wallet’s BFF.

How about that mind-blowing 90% commission they are offering to their affiliates?! If you want to be a part of this, then register asap to become an affiliate of OfferEDGE.

4) Loan Signing Agent Online Training – 45% Commission

Notary Loan Signing Training Program

Make $75 – $200 per hour for an appointment. You could make hundreds of dollars just in one day.

What would you do with that extra money? Go on holiday? Invest in your passions?

There is no doubt that having that kind of extra money would solve a few problems in your life.

Becoming a Loan Signing Agent may help you achieve your financial goals.

Get the training, certification, and notary public marketing knowledge from the Loan Signing System to get yourself started – from $99.

Oh wait, but what’s a Loan Signing Agent?

Sign up for their free webinar to find out and learn more about the opportunities that await you.

Do you want to become an affiliate of the Loan Signing System and earn a commission of 45% on sales? Then apply here to get started.

So how are you liking our list of finance affiliate programs? We would love to hear from you. So get in touch and tell us what you think.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the final program for the day.

5) Refinance Student Loans – $200 Commission

Student Loans offered by Purefy

Debt. The thing the robs you of your financial freedom. You spend your young adult life investing in a good education so that one day you can get a good job that pays you good money – only to be able to spend the rest of your life paying off that education debt.

Is that living? When will you actually start enjoying the fruits of your sweat?

Then start today with Purefy.

With Purefy, you can save money on the high-interest rates you’re paying by refinancing your student loan at a lower interest rate.

Simply combine all your student loans into one easy and affordable loan. So you’ll be able to save money to do the things that you’ve always desired.

Now that’s living.

Think you can promote Purefy’s services and earn 200 bucks for each referral? If yes, then you should register here immediately to become an affiliate of Purefy.


There you have it – five awesome finance affiliate programs that you can register with today!

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