5 Cooking Affiliate Programs: Kitchen Gadgets Every Home Chef Needs!

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Consider yourself a bit of a Gordan Ramsay in the kitchen? Have yourself a blog or social media following? And are you looking to start monetizing your website or social platform? Then please proceed. We have a fantastic lineup of five merchants with five fiery cooking affiliate programs.

Learn about the brands, the products, and the affiliate programs.

Get access to the official sites of the participating merchants, and direct links to apply to each of the programs.

So are you ready?

The Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Promote When You Join These Cooking Affiliate Programs

Know your products. Now you may not get to hold and inspect the physical items, but you can definitely read up about them and view their photos.

If you can get the merchants to ship you sample products to review on your influencer platform, even better!

But for now, let’s just assume all product research has to be carried out over the digital airwaves.

So let’s get this research underway and crack on with our recommendation of cooking affiliate programs.

Here are the 5 merchants waiting for you to promote their kitchen gadgets:

1) Stove Protection for Easy Cleaning ⭐ 15% Commission

Protective Sheet Custom Cut for StovetopLet’s just say that cleaning the kitchen is not one of my favorite tasks.

The kitchen mess is overwhelming and getting it all cleaned up requires commitment.

Just the thought of cleaning the stove makes me want to go take a nap first.

This is why I get super happy when I find cool things like StoveGuard that helps make life a breeze.

Get a customized stove protector that will make cleaning easy.

All you do is lift the StoveGuard and pop it into the dishwasher. And Bob’s your uncle.

2) Fun Kitchen Products ⭐ 20% Commission

Kitchen Prep with Color | Knives + Chopping BoardsSome of us need motivation in the kitchen to exercise our unskillful cooking ability.

Others need inspiration to light up their culinary passion.

Whichever end of the boat you sit, you’ll find fun and colorful products from Cooler Kitchen that will brighten up your kitchen.

From colorful professional knife sets to cool silicon products – all pleasantly priced.

Turning your kitchen into a fun and cool space is so easy.

3) Cool Low-Cost Homeware ⭐ 7% Commission

Fruit Peeler + Air Fryer + Other Great Kitchen Gadgets

Ok, so you may not live the millionaire lifestyle and have an ultra-modern home in some upmarket neighborhood.

But a few cool kitchen gadgets will certainly give you a sufficient upgrade.

And don’t worry, with sites like db House, it won’t cost you millions.

How about an air fryer for a healthier fried chicken meal? Or perhaps an electric veggie and fruit peeler that can peel potatoes with ease!

If you’re an entertainer, then you’ll be extra cool when you make grenade shaped ice cubes with one of db Houses nifty molds.

Bring the cool factor and make life easier in the kitchen with these and more hot low priced home products from db House.

4) Nifty Kitchen Tools ⭐ 20% Commission

Handy Watermelon Slicer | Cooking Affiliate ProgramsI love watermelons. But have you ever tried cutting one up yourself?

It’s a very dramatic process, to say the least.

It’s overwhelming and it can get messy.

Yes, we’re still talking about watermelons here.

So to put our anxiety with cutting watermelons at ease, a nifty watermelon cutter is what we need to do the job.

This cool tool from The House City will transform a whole watermelon into beautifully cut pieces in an instant.

Check out The House City for these and more cool kitchen tools.

5) Next-Gen Household & Life Improvement Products ⭐ 30% Commission

Party Shot Glass Ice Molds - Camp YiyiI visited CampYiYi and my excitement has been in overdrive.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

In fact, I’m unofficially planning a party for no reason.

Because how cool will ice shot glasses be when I make them with the mold I found on CampYiYi?

And a sleek black set of poker card bottle openers on the table to impress.

All the food prep will be handled in a whizz with cool tools like the quick salad cutter bowl and the 5-blade veggie scissors.

Food prep and entertaining has never felt this inspiring.

How to Choose a Cooking Affiliate Program

All these merchants with awesome kitchen gadgets you can promote. How do you choose which of these cooking affiliate programs to join, right?

If you’re looking to get the most value from your marketing efforts, then listen up.

Scroll back up and hover over our selection of programs.

Here’s what I want you to do for each of these cooking affiliate programs:

  1. Visit their website (links provided in program details).
  2. Browse their catalog of products.
  3. Search for high-value kitchen products.
  4. Ask yourself, “are these products that I would be comfortable promoting“?
  5. Get your calculator out. Work out the amount you earn per sale based on the commission rate offered.
  6. Then repeat for the other affiliate programs.

Now you should have a list on your spreadsheet, notepad or where ever it is that you make notes. Compare your notes on each of the programs and you should pretty much be able to decide which one works best for you.

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