5 Common Affiliate Newsletter Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs!

With numerous forms of communication, few are more powerful than, or as impactful as newsletter marketing.  When it comes to affiliate newsletters, marketers have a major role to play in delivering your message to your panel of affiliates.

If done right, newsletters have the potential to educate affiliates about your brand offerings as well as motivate them to help increase your bottom-line.

With so much riding on effective affiliate newsletter marketing, there’s little room for e-businesses to commit mistakes.

Here are 5 common affiliate newsletter mistakes to avoid at all costs.


Make your affiliates feel truly valued by personalizing the text they will read. Avoid starting out your newsletter with something as impersonal as “Dear Affiliate.”

Personalized messages don’t have to be tedious to draft. Utilize text macros that can help add a touch of significance a particular affiliate holds for your business. From their actual name to their unique ID, customize wherever possible. Your business partners are bound to appreciate the effort!

Failing To Categorize Newsletters

This mistake builds up on the non-customization one. It wouldn’t be a smart move to mass send newsletters that might be targeting all types of affiliates. You want to be type-specific when it comes to creating affiliate newsletters.

Come up with different texts based on what particular purpose you want the newsletter to serve. Those under-achievers who could do with a little motivation and consistent top performers should be reading text that’s specifically created for them.

Blindly ‘Selling’ To Your Affiliates

Repurposing—or copy-and-pasting—product/service information meant for your end customers is a huge no-no in the world of affiliate newsletters.

The purpose of a newsletter written for your affiliate partners is not to sell them your products, but to encourage them to sell your products for you. Capiche?

Failing To Make It Easy For Affiliates To Promote You

A newsletter should make it easy to activate and promote your products or services. To this end, it’s always a good idea to equip your affiliates with a list of keywords to use in their conversion efforts, your best-sellers and your target audience’s demographic information.

Neglecting To Call To Action (CTA)

Let’s say you create a detailed newsletter congratulating affiliates on a considerable increase in sales. If you forget to attach a convincing call to action, it’ll be a half-won battle.

Failing to incorporate a CTA to either pick up the pace (if they aren’t performing) or motivating them to do even better (if they are) is a grave mistake many amateur writers make.

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