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It’s no secret. Most of us own cell phones. And there is a pretty good chance that the phones we own won’t be our last. But just like the regularity of us purchasing spanking new phones, we continue to pimp up our phones too. That’s why there will always be a huge market for mobile phone gadgets and accessories. With that in mind, we decided to set our content team the task of creating a guide to the latest cell phone affiliate programs.

Here’s what our creative wordsmiths came up with…

The Latest Cell Phone Affiliate Programs (Cases + Accessories)

We have come up with the 5 best cell phone affiliate programs based on popularity and their generous commission rates. So go ahead and check ’em out.

1. Ultra Thin Phone Cases (Affiliates Earn $5 Per Sale)

Ultra Slim Phone Cases by KaseI really hate wrapping my phone up in a cover. At that point, appreciation for cutting-edge design pretty much goes down the drain.

But in the name of protecting my phone against dreaded screen and body damage, I’ll do it.

People, we no longer have to torture ourselves like this anymore.

Because finally there is a cover that makes sense. You’ll find it at Kase.

This award-winning ultra-thin case is stunningly designed – it will actually make your phone good. So much of sleekness.

If you wish to promote these ultra cool phone cases and earn 5 bucks on sales, then you should join their affiliate program.

2. Stylish Mobile Accessories (30% Affiliate Commission)

MittaTrendz - Phone Ring BracketI feel like we’re making lots of progress with gift shopping. Now this one’s for the millennials and younger.

Stylish premium mobile accessories from MittaTrendz.

Like 3D silicone cases in adorable designs like unicorns, bears, hotdogs, and ice-cream. Or how about cute cartoon bite cable protectors.

Oh, and the ring brackets take my heart because rainbows, cactus, sunglasses, kisses, bananas, and ice-lollies is the most lovable thing that could ever happen to my phone – don’t you think?

If you can promote these stylish products as an affiliate, then you’ll get a chunky commission of 30% on each sale.

3. Wood Phone Cases (Commission Rate of 25%)

Assorted Phone Cases | Cell Phone Affiliate ProgramsIf you identify as an eco-conscious human being, products like wood phone cases make you feel like you’re living meaningfully.

Because your environmental footprint matters and the less plastic waste you are responsible for makes you sleep better at night.

So go on and shop cool wood phone cases from LA Wood Cases.

Made from 100% wood. Get wood cases for Samsung and iPhone phones.

If you wish to promote these fantastic wooden cases and earn a decent commission of 25% on sales, then sign up to their affiliate program.

4. Hands-Free Smartphone Suction Cup (Earn 15% Commission)

SUC-it Yellow Suction Cup for PhonesIs it just me, or has selfie stick become awkward?

The bulky thing is an eyesore and a huge commitment to carry around.

Thank goodness for technology because something better always comes. Phew!

Introducing the smartphone suction cup from SUC-IT Selfie.

This nifty little thing makes hands free phone use a pleasure. It’s compact, adjustable and is made to fit most smartphones.

It will stick to most smooth surfaces – walls, windows, and mirrors. So taking selfies will no longer be awkward.

Want to promote these smartphone suction cups and make a 15% commission on every sale you generate? Then register with their affiliate program today.

5. Anti-Radiation Cases (Affiliates Get 20% Commission)

Smart Radiation Protection Phone CasesWe may have already talked about these anti-radiation cases in a previous affiliate program post. But they are just so popular, we just had to give them another mention.

With the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices, there has been a further concern for exposure to prolonged radiation.

There is an FCC limit imposed on cell phones. However, we’re only in the safe zone if our devices are at least an inch away from our bodies.

So yeah. What about when our phones sit in our pockets all day long?

Well, that needs not to be a worry anymore, because now we have SafeSleeve to keep us safe from mobile radiation.

Their anti-radiation cases block up to 99% of harmful radiation.

And they have some awesome designs not just for your phone but also for your laptops and tablets.

If you want to board the bandwagon and promote these brilliant mobile cases, then sign up to their affiliate program now.

Well, there you have it. Five of our recommended cell phone affiliate programs. If you haven’t reached your reading quota for the day, then check out these other great articles we have published.

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