5 Benefits of using LeadDyno

1. Website Traffic

Increase your site’s exposure and sell more – thanks to the flood of affiliate traffic you’ll see. At no up front cost, to boot!

2. Affiliate Payouts

You’ll pay affiliates a percentage of your sales as a commission. It’s easy to pay them out with LeadDyno.

3. Affiliate Management

LeadDyno gives your affiliates all the tools and resources they need to promote your website and product(s).

4. Product Promotion

Your affiliates will spread the word about your website using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

5. In-Depth Reporting

Leaddyno highlights the affiliates that are doing the best.

You can also “automate” much of your affiliate management by sending them emails when they register a new lead or get credit for a new purchase.

Launch Your Affiliate Program Today With LeadDyno

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