4 WordPress Plugins To Improve Your Website Speed

There are many reasons why improving your website’s or WordPress blog’s speed must be at the top of your to-do list.

If there is any sure-fire way of increasing website popularity, this is it!

So why does your affiliate’s website or blog run at the speed of a snail? There are many reasons. The most common are:

  • JavaScript-based functionality
  • Bloated HTML
  • Un-optimized images
  • Amateur jQuery
  • CSS
  • Subpar DNS
  • Too many domains
  • Wrong web server
  • Shared web hosts
  • Old versions of server-side software
  • Inefficient server-side caching
  • Public networks for private data transfer

How do you get past this conundrum to achieve smooth and lightening fast speed? The answer is: WordPress plugins! Here are some simple ones.

Hyper Cache

It’s a fairly new caching plugin for WordPress. Hyper Cache is more popular among affiliates who operate their blogs and websites on low resources hosting providers such as CPU and MySQL. The plugin can also work on websites hosted on Microsoft IIS.


It is an excellent service that offers websites protection against online attacks, spammers and hackers while increasing website load speeds. Installing CloudFlare means you are connected with CloudFlare and can derive all its services. The incredibly helpful plugin also corrects IP Address Information for comments that will be posted to your affiliate website.

P3 Performance Profiler

While all plugins help improve something or the other in your website, too many installed plugins can also cause decreased load speeds. This helpful performance profiler will inform which installed plugins are the ones causing trouble for the website. The P3 profiler scans all running websites and notes down plugin load times. A complete performance is created which can help you easily decide which plugin to remove from your website.

WordPress Inspector

Many affiliates install this online plugin to their website. It’s a free plugin tool which helps test your WordPress blog for speed, performance, SEO, security and mobile readiness. This makes this tool very useful for beginning affiliates who are just learning the ropes of affiliate marketing.

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