4 Tips for Creating a Mobile Friendly Marketing Campaign

Over 145 million people use smartphones in the U.S., which is nearly 61 percent of the total mobile market penetration. Considering the trend, experts believe that mobile internet usage will soon surpass desktop usage, which is likely to raise the mobile advertising revenue to $6.8 billion by the end of 2019.

With an increase in mobile usage, it has become imperative for small and medium sized businesses to create effective mobile marketing campaigns to capture the growing segment of consumers.

While mobile marketing is a distinctive category, it is usually not enough to use the same strategy for both traditional and mobile marketing campaigns.

Here are few tips on how you can develop distinct mobile campaigns and create a lasting impression on your target audience.

1. Create Concise Messages

As mobile devices feature limited character display, it is best to keep your content short, simple, and contextually relevant. Besides this, you should choose an impactful and readable font-type, rather than intricately decorative ones in order to make the content comprehensible and more effective.

Moreover, if you are using visual content, choose smaller images than the average computer display size. Also, incorporate bold and contrasting colors along with enough negative space to make sure that your text, image, and logo are clear and graspable.

2. Develop Mobile-Friendly Emails

Emails and newsletters are an essential part of marketing campaigns. In order to incorporate email marketing in your mobile marketing program effectively, make sure that your email messages are mobile friendly. In order for this, create engaging subject lines within 25-30 characters to grab quick attention of mobile users. Additionally, add interesting pre-header text to entice your readers to open your email.

Besides this, keep your copy short and concise with scannable and consumable chunks of content, so that readers may quickly skim through it and understand the action they need to make.

3. Make Your Ads More Interactive

Mobile is a great medium to offer interactivity. A recent Nielsen report shows that 26 percent of users are more likely to click on mobile ads featuring video or interactive content than similar web-based text.

Also, it has been found that rich media mobile ads can increase the effectiveness of banner ads up to 4 times. This proves that companies may increase click-through rate of their mobile ads by incorporating interactivity.

4. Mobile Friendly Website

When users click on a mobile ad, they would be redirected to your website. However, it is crucially important that your website is mobile friendly to offer ease of browsing and shopping to potential buyers.

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