3 WordPress Plugins that Your Blog Needs!

Even though affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog, it can be difficult to wrap your head around it at first.

Affiliate marketers promote the products of their partners. When someone clicks on one of your unique affiliate tracking links and makes a purchase, you receive a commission for that sale.

However, keeping track of all the affiliate links and campaigns on your blog can get tiring. But you can breeze through the process if you have the right tools in place that can automate, streamline, and track engagement on your posts.

The following are some helpful WordPress plugins for bloggers:

Pretty Links

Manually adding affiliate links throughout your website is tiring, and sometimes ends up looking out of place. Even if you’re using an Affiliate Link Cloaker, it’ll be impossible to add all the links on every page.

Pretty Links is a link management solution that was developed by WordPress. It allows you to cloak your affiliate links, as well as group, organize, and redirect links. It can also track all your affiliate links and the number of times they have been clicked on.


EasyAzon makes promoting Amazon products and campaigns much easier. When you install EasyAzon on your website, you’ll be able to search Amazon products from your WordPress dashboard, receive automatically cloaked affiliate links, create popups and incorporate the Amazon ‘buy’ button right on your page. It can even let customers add a product to their Amazon cart right from your blog.


Some companies want you to run banners, videos, or other kinds of visual ads instead of a post or a content piece.

AdSanity makes it easier for you to time these ads—how long are they going to stay up, how well they performed, the number of people who have seen or clicked on them, etc. This also makes it convenient for you to manage a number of affiliate campaigns right from your dashboard.

If you want to grow as a blogger and attract more companies, get in touch with the experts at LeadDyno to know more about affiliate programs and affiliate tracking software!

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