3 Tech Affiliate Programs: Headphones, Hats, Cases


While I was browsing through the thousands of products our affiliate partners are offering to you, I came across these amazing headphones by a company called My Wraps.

I immediately put them in my cart before remembering that I was on a self-imposed “no buy” for the rest of the month. (I took them out of my cart, but saved the page. As soon as Nov 1 rolls around, these babies are mine!)

Available in different styles and colors, the My Wrap headphones are great gifts for the fashion-conscious
geek, or someone who appreciates a lot of form in their functional items (or is it the other way around?) Depending on the type you decide to carry in your store, you can appeal to everyone from the music-obsessed middle schooler to the mom who listens to mantra meditation on her way to yoga class. A generous 20% commission from this supplier is the icing on the cake, leaving absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t stock at least one style of My Wrap ‘phones in your online store.

After browsing around the product offerings a bit more, I found myself hovering over the  link to the SolSol hat website. Now, let me explain myself. I know the average Joe or Jane might find the idea of a baseball cap with a brim made from solar panels to be way outside the realm of acceptable fashion, but TRUST me when I say there is definitely a market for such an odd-looking hat.

Again, the key to making great sales is in the message, and the marketing. Imagine going for a walk on a sweet summer day, and getting caught up in the sounds and scents of abundant nature. Wearing a SolSol hat would keep your phone topped up so that your battery will last as long as your tunes do. Sure, the hat can’t compete with your 10000mAH power brick, but it’s perfectly good for a continuous trickle charge, once you’re not doing anything overly strenuous with your mobile device. Again, this nifty product can appeal to everyone from inveterate texters to Twitterphiles. Check out the cool colourways on the product site, and keep in mind that the 20% commission offered means that you earn a whopping $14 for each sale you make!

 The final great gift option I found during my browsing session might be the best. This one I actually purchased, in defiance of my no-buy, because my little sister just got herself a Galaxy S7 Edge (to replace her S6 Edge, which met an unfortunate end when she got tossed into a pool, fully clothed.) to prevent the same fate from befalling her new phone, I decided to get her this awesome waterproof case from Uviyo.

I’ve always found it a shame to cover up beautifully designed phones with clunky cases, and so I’m thrilled that this case allows the sleek lines of the S7 to really shine through. Added to that the quality of construction and the tight seal which this provides, and it is truly the best case you can buy for someone who is less than careful with their device, or even for someone who’d going on a tropical cruise during the winter months. With this case, you won’t need to invest in pricey underwater cameras just to take pics of the creatures you encounter when snorkeling – just snap it on and snap away!

I hope you enjoyed this product roundup. Although I focused on the tech category this time, these items could work for many different stores. If you’re stocking any of these in your online store, drop me a line and let me know how your customers like them!


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