3 New Women’s Clothing Affiliate Programs for February

Feminist Clothing for 5% Commission

The voice of women couldn’t be more relevant as at a time like this.  Femme Apparel, a New York feminist clothing company believes in spreading advocacy of women’s rights.  Feminists, your day will be made with these bold statement prints including uterus’ and melting patriarchy – yes, you will certainly get your point across.

Clothing pieces include t-shirts, tanks and hoodies priced from $24.99.  Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales.

High-End Fashion for 7% Commission

If you’re fashion obsessed, there is no doubt that the way to your heart is through shoes, clothes, bags and more shoes.  Think: one of Miami’s hottest boutique, luxury brands and upcoming designers.  Koko & Palenki is for women that take their wardrobe seriously – from head to toe.  Whether you’re dressing up or down, for bed or for the gym, Koko & Palenki has everything you need to dress the part from shoes, clothing, bags and accessories. Affiliates earn a commission of 7%.

Customized Christian T-Shirts for 20% Commission

It was Nathanaelle’s Christian journey that inspired him to creatively design scriptures on t-shirts.  Changed One creates fun and customizable Christian t-shirts for men, women, youth and babies.  Shoppers can choose their design, t-shirt and colors.  These t-shirts make a special gift to be cherished, and yet practical to be worn everyday. The price of the t-shirt depends on your chosen design and t-shirt type; however you can expect to spend more or less $20. Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

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