3 New Helpful SaaS Affiliate Programs (up to 35% Commission)

Here are 3 brand new affiliate programs for SaaS services that just launched. Read on to learn how you can be the first to promote these:

  • Digital home management

  • Online booking & scheduling software

  • Automate your Shopify drop shipping business

Digital Home Management App for $1 Commission

Hands up if you go to work everyday to an organized workplace with management systems in place to help keep everything running but then come home to an environment where everything is up in the air and as long as the house is still standing you’re good.  Until things get out of control then you’re running around like a headless chicken.  No one has stress for that.  With HomeZada, you can have full control over your home by managing your insurance, maintenance, remodeling projects and more from an easy to use digital home management app from as little as $7.95 per month. Affiliates earn a commission of $1 per subscribed user.

Online Booking & Scheduling Software for 35% Commission

If I can copy and paste something to solve a problem, then I’ll say “I do” and live happily ever after.  Besides, who has time for complicated integration relationships when launching your online booking system?  If you’re in the business of providing bookable services to your customers such as accommodation, medical services, rentals, classes and beauty services just to name a few, then Launch27 can set you up to start receiving bookings online.  Copy and paste – done!  From $59 per month, you can process unlimited online bookings with credit care processing. Affiliates earn a commission of 35% on the first subscribed month.

Automate Your Shopify Drop Shipping Business for 30% Commission

If you’re in the business of drop shipping, then you’re looking for simplified solutions that come without the hassle so you can sun bathe on the beach somewhere while your business is working for you.  I might join you because ShopifiedApp will automate your entire drop shipping business from as little as $9 per month.  Nifty features such as 1-click add products, 1-click ordering, product image extraction, US products database and so much more will have you doing less while selling more. Affiliates earn a commission of 30% on subscriptions for 12 months.

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