3 New Fascinating Pet Affiliate Programs

Here are 3 brand new affiliate programs for pet products that just launched. Read on to learn how you can be the first to promote these:

Vegan Dog Food for $1 Commission

I feel like my whole life has been a lie, because I’ve just learnt that dogs were originally omnivores before thousands of years of evolution – can you believe this?!  Yeah, I’m still absorbing this information.  Apparently, a vegan diet for your fury friend will make them healthier, energetic and less prone to allergic reactions.  V-dog knows this better as they have a selection of plant-based dog food including kinder kibble, breath bones and wiggle biscuits that your dog will love.  Is your dog vegan and happy?  Have them sport a “plant powered v-dog” bandana to share the vegan love. Affiliates earn a commission of $1 on sales.

Farm Supplies for 10% Commission

Sometimes I daydream about escaping this city life and settling down on a farm where when you look out of your window you see a scenic landscape of crops and not buildings.  Being outdoors, attending to animals and crops just seems more rewarding to one’s well-being I think.  I get that living the “farm life” is not as simple as it is in my daydream, but Heritage Acres Market will make it easy for you and me.  Heritage Acres Market is a family run farm that supplies all you need to start and run a farm.  Get products for bees & hives; poultry; education; apparel; and so much more. Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Pitbull Jewelry for 15% Commission

Pibulls are one of the most misunderstood breed of dogs.  Stereotyped as an aggressively vicious dog, Pitbulls are actually known to be affectionate, cheerful and friendly when raised with good training and loving environment.  Pitbulls are pleasantly easy to train compared to other breeds, they rarely bark and can be trained as service dogs.  These are just some of the lovable qualities of this misunderstood breed – if you’ve been an owner of a Pitbull you will agree.  To share your love for Pitbulls, Bully Breed Friends has some charming jewelry including necklaces, earrings and bracelets Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

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