3 New Clothing Affiliate Programs: Sunglasses, Swimsuits, T-Shirts

As the cool weather descends, we’ve been hit hard by a wave of nostalgia, so we’ve been browsing through tons of products that remind us of the carefree summer days of the recent past. Here are two of the lovely things we found:

From Twisted Palms Trading Company, these Knockaround premium sunglasses would be ideal for those evenings spent watching the sun spill brilliantly over the lapping sea as it sets. We’re immediately transported back, hearing the cries of gulls circling overhead, looking for the last fishy meal of the evening, or perhaps for an easy human target who’s eating French fries in a less than circumspect manner. We feel the momentary but excruciating brain freeze as our slightly alcoholic slushie hits the back of our throat. We sigh as we realize that our Sol has turned his face away from us for the long, lonely months ahead, and we want to buy these to recapture those rapidly fading warm days, a talisman to reassure us that summer will return.

Of course, sunglasses go best with swimsuits, so including the collection from Eager Store is a great idea. With fun prints and interesting styles, it’s not just the same old. The real trick here is not only including categories that play well together, but paying careful attention to co-ordinating colorways between your products. This makes it easier for shoppers to load up their carts, confident that every item they choose will work seamlessly with everything else. Imagine the Coachella bikini popping up in the suggested items when a shopper looks at the Knockaround premiums:

Immediately, she starts planning her tropical getaway, creating an escape plan in her mind which she can deploy during the bitterest mid-winter days. Her finger hovers over the buy button as she imagines packing for those precious few days of sunshine and seagrapes, using the conjured images of restorative relaxation as insulation against the increasing chill of the fall breezes.

And the piece de resistance? An oversized tee from Kwotees, a company that prints quotes taken directly from your inner monologue onto high-quality American Apparel t-shirts. After a long day of lazy swimming, the sun might go to sleep before you’re ready to leave the beach.

That’s when you reach for a supremely cozy oversized t-shirt to cover up with. But you’re on your dream vacation, so it would be a terrible waste to cover up too completely. We think this appropriately printed tee shirt fits the bill, as it expresses our sentiments perfectly; sandy shores are no place for pants.

Allowing yourself to inhabit the minds of your customers always makes for a better selection. But as our partner in sales, we’ll gladly do that kind of heavy lifting for you. Don’t miss the next product spotlight – make sure you add us to your list of approved senders right this minute.

Until next time!

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