3 Hot Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Valuable Commissions for Men’s Bracelets, Jewelry that Blings Forever & “Airy Fairy” Jewelry

Here are 3 hot jewelry affiliate programs that I pulled them from our Jewelry category listings on, which you can view right here.

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Stylish Men’s Bracelets for a Valuable 50% Commission

When you think jewelry, you imagine a woman’s world. Nope, not for Dapper Bands. Dapper Brands has made jewelry all about the man with their stylish handmade men’s bracelets. Made in Canada, these impressive men’s bracelets are made from the highest quality gemstones and precious metals and are tailored exclusively to fit. Dapper Brands offers a lifetime warranty on their jewelry so you can be assured to expect nothing but quality that is durable for the man.

Dapper Bands bracelets range from $50-$260 CAD and affiliates earn a valuable commission of 50% on every sale. Gold star for the generous commission.

Bling Forever and Earn 10% Commission

Thanks to SuperStainless Jewelry, you will never lose your bling. SuperStainless Jewelry offers a wide range non-tarnishing jewelry for men and women made from stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and high-tech ceramic. Available are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings that will sparkle forever.

SuperStainless Jewelry price range is an affordable $5-$45 and affiliates earn a commission of 10% per sale. Apply to become a SuperStainless Jewelry affiliate here.

“Airy Fairy” Healing Stone Jewelry for 22% Commission

AnuanA healing gemstone fashion jewelry is specially handmade in Israel by 2 people who decided to turn their passion into a full-time job in 2015. This may be “airy fairy” but gemstones are
claimed to have healing properties. Quartz is said to draw off negative energies; turquoise for relieving stress; carnelian for courage and confidence; amethyst for peace and balance; and garnet for solutions in chaos. If this sounds like your kind of realm, then AnuanA has jewelry for you.

Let’s come back to Earth for a moment. AnuanA jewelry has a range of necklaces, bracelets and rings priced from $9.90 to about $39.90. A couple of gold stars to AnuanA as they offer free worldwide shipping. Affiliates earn a commission of 22% of sales.

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