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I’m writing today to share this year’s hottest education affiliate programs. Here’s your opportunity to make money as an affiliate marketer by promoting these top educational products. The selection of learning products has been pulled from our very own affiliate network of e-commerce merchants.

These affiliate programs offer high-quality products worthy of sharing on your blog and even your social media channels. Plus, you will also be rewarded with generous sales commissions for your marketing efforts!

(PS – If you have a product that you wish to promote in our affiliate marketplace, then you can simply sign up as a merchant.)

Updated: October 30, 2019 (We have added a couple more education affiliate programs since first publication AND we have even spruced up the page).


Latest Online Education Affiliate Programs

Education Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Network

So here’s what we have done for you.

There are 5 affiliate programs listed. Each of them includes a short description of the education products you will be expected to promote.

You will also be able to find listed – the cost of the products and the affiliate commission you would earn. So while skimming through these education affiliate programs, you’ll have a rough idea about your earning potential.

Now let’s turn up the happy meter as we dive into the first affiliate program.

Happiness Course

20% Commission

The Phasulator Course by MG GoodiesWhen adulthood welcomes you, so do real-life problems. Stress takes over your life and everyday living becomes very tense.

Sound familiar?

Then you need to spark up happiness in your life with the Phasulator course from MG Goodies.

In this course, you’ll learn how to have more positive days and fill your life with joy.

All this good energy will add years to your life, too!

Affiliate Earning Potential:

  • The Phasulator course goes for US$2,800!
  • 20% commission for each course sold.

If you’re looking for a top-dollar product with a decent commission, then this is the affiliate gig to get into. To get started, simply fill in the affiliate sign up form.

Internet Millionaires Book

40% Commission

A Click to Millionaire Book by Wealth TapWho doesn’t want to be an internet millionaire? Running an internet business and making big money. Grab your share of the opportunities that are out there.

Learn the principles of wealthy internet entrepreneurs with the A Click To Millionaire book from Wealthtap. The book motivates the need to start an internet business and how to avoid living on the ordinary side of life.

In this book, you’ll learn how to run your very own internet business. For just $9.99, this ebook is a no-brainer. So, grab yours.

Affiliate Earning Potential:

  • A Click to Millionaire e-Books cost $9.99.
  • 40% commission on each e-book sold.

Affiliates earn a commission of 40% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Wealthtap.

Education Learning Worksheets for Kids

35% Commission Rate

2nd Grade Addition & SubtractionTeaching doesn’t get any easier than this! With hundreds of worksheets available, Printables & Worksheets delivers fun and educational worksheets from the kindergarten phase all the way up to Grade 6 and above.

Resources include fun activities, games, task cards and worksheets. Comprehensive math worksheets are available to help solve problems in this challenging subject. Other exciting materials include seasonal worksheets that are themed around holidays.

This is the ultimate worksheet resource for every teacher and parent that will make learning and teaching enjoyable as well as save you money on teaching resources.

Affiliate Earning Potential:

  • Worksheets are priced at US$3.50, complete workbooks are about US$39.99.
  • 35% commission on every sale.

Are you an influencer to kids or even parents? Then you’ll have no trouble promoting these educational worksheets. So go ahead and join the Printables & Worksheets affiliate program today.

Learn How to Increase Web Traffic and Sales with SEO

50% Commission Rate

Shark Digital - Learn MarketingI don’t know what’s more exciting: learning how to get ten times more traffic and sales or getting a 50% recurring lifetime commission. You tell me.

Shark Digital offers an SEO training program suitable for the beginner but also covers advanced topics such as on-page and off-page optimization; technical optimization as well as mobile optimization. Subscribers get access to the e-book “99 Unnatural Links”. This program boasts over 35,000 happy students and over 30 hours of SEO training.

Affiliate Earning Potential:

  • Available subscription options are $97/month or $970/year.
  • 50% recurring lifetime commission on sales.

If you know much about SEO and think you can push this marketing product to your followers, then sign up here to become affiliated with Shark Digital.

Online Learning for Creative Professionals

15% Commission Rate

Atly | Education Affiliate Program

Atly is an online learning platform for creative professionals looking for self-paced learning programs. Creative programs include photography, graphic design, interior décor, fashion design, cooking, baking, online marketing, as well as health and fitness. Learners have access to live workshops plus lifetime access to learning content. Yes, we’ll give Atly an extra gold star for that.

Affiliate Earning Potential:

  • Learning programs are priced from $10 to about $150.
  • 15% commission on sales for 60 days.

Want to start educating your followers and earn money too? Then apply now to join Atly’s affiliate program.

How to Find More Education Affiliate Programs

So our selection of programs just isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings. Well, not to worry!

We have a couple of solutions for you.


If you don’t mind exploring other niche ideas, alongside education, then check out our awesome article, 20 Companies That Have Affiliate Programs. You will find companies that are looking for affiliate marketers in the fields of business, SaaS, food, hair, home, family, outdoor, tech and education.


Now if you are purely focused on education and aren’t interested in any other affiliate program, then here’s what you do.

Head over to our affiliate marketing network. In the search bar, type “education“. Then hit the Go! button.

You’ll now have access to 40+ merchants that are running education affiliate programs. You will also be able to browse through 20 other affiliate categories.

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