3 Financial Affiliate Programs With Up To 50% Commissions

Dominate the Markets for 50% Commission

Are you frustrated with all the bad investments that you’ve made?  Or are you interested in trading in stocks but haven’t a clue how to do it and don’t want to blow your life savings away at a click of a button?  Do you want a competitive advantage in the stock marketing that will maximize your investments and minimize risks?  Get instant text and email alerts on only the stocks that have the highest profit potential from istockpicker.  Using complex artificial intelligence, istockpicker helps ordinary people trade and yield 1-3% same day trading profits.

Subscriptions are $39/week; $129/month; or $297/quarter.  Affiliates earn a commission of 50%.

Real Control Over Your Finances for 5-30% Commission
What if budgeting was as easy as spending?  Well, usually it is – until you go off budget, which tends to happen to most of us most of the time.  Flip.  The mind is willing but the flesh is weak, right?  Not anymore.  STICKING to your budget is now as easy as spending thanks to ProActive.

Get control over your finances through the envelop budgeting method that is conveniently managed on your phone through the ProActive mobile app.  No impulse purchases ever again as the app only allows you to spend allocated funds.  Just open the app, tap on the envelop you wish to spend money from and swipe.  Now, this is REAL control over your money. Subscription price is an affordable $7/month or $60/year and affiliates can earn commissions of 5-30%.

Improve Your Credit Score for $49-$100 Commission
Does your credit score suck?  Do you suck at managing your credit report?  If your answer is yes and yes, then Good Credit Genie is what you need in your life.  Learn how to overcome financial hardships and fix your credit report.  See results in as little as 30 days.  For real.  Good Credit Genie wants to help you achieve a credit score of 700+.  I bet you really need that right about now.

Enroll for a once off fee of $349 – no monthly fees at all.  Sweet.  Affiliates earn a commission of $49-$100.

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