Up To 20% Commissions For These Hot New Beauty Products

Check out three for hot new Beauty Products that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate. I pulled them from Beauty category listings on, which you can view right here.

New Beauty Products

Healthy Skin for 20% Commission

Skin problems suck and that zit couldn’t appear at a better time than when you have that big function to attend.  Flip.  If your skin has let you down at the wrong moment, not like there is a good time to have a breakout, then Flint Plus Flint will sort you out and give you healthy and radiant skin.  Made in England, Flint Plus Flint boasts that all their skin products work. They’re so confident that they’ll offer you a 100-day money back guarantee. Products are priced from $24 and affiliates earn a commission of 20%.


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Beauty Products

Black Mask for 10% Commission

If it isn’t already, a face mask should be part of your regular skin care routine as it deep cleans, hydrates and removes impurities.  If your skin is prone to acne, pimples and blackheads, then STUDIO X5 Black Mask by X5 CUTS is what your face needs.  This carbon black face mask pulls out impurities, removes dead skin cells as well as excess oil and it’ll even remove fine hair too.  What’s great about this product is that you’ll see an immediate improvement with your skin. Get this X5 Black Mask for $11.99 and watch out for the X5 Gold Mask with 24k gold, coming soon.  Affiliates earn a commission of 10%.

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Hot New Beauty Products

Vibrating Flat Iron for 20% Commission

I’m sure many women would agree that finding the perfect flat iron for your hair is a struggle.  You want that beautiful silky straight hair without damaging it in the process.  You’ve got to hear this.  GMJ Beauty have created a digital vibration flat iron that realigns damaged hair and seals raised hair cuticles while making your hair smooth and shiny.  The vibrating plates mean that your hair is safe from heat damage. Get your vibrating flat iron from $200.  Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.
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