2 Protein Products With Hot Affiliate Programs

Campus Protein for 8% Affiliate Commissions

If you’re helping people find the best ways to get more protein in their diets, why not go with a brand that has a lot of different options for supplements and snacks to help gain muscle and lose fat? Campus Protein has a wide range of really great protein powders and other products to help college students and other workout junkies get through the day with more energy and better performance.

And they don’t just sell protein powder on its own, either. They also sell product stacks, like the Weight Loss Combo Kit or the Look Better Naked stack. My personal favorite of all the stacks, though, is the Munchies Stack.

 If you crave brownies, cookies, or candy bars, you’ll love this one, too. It provides healthy, high-protein alternatives to those desserts that you aren’t supposed to eat when you’re trying to get lean and mean! Each stack comes with three cookies, three brownies, and three delicious protein bars. And the bars’ flavors include things like birthday cake, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum!

If you’re like me, you probably love spaghetti and basically all forms of pasta. But you know that you can’t eat a big bowl of macaroni if you want to keep your metabolism going strong, right? Actually, not so fast! Bentilia has elbow macaroni made from green lentil beans, and you know how healthy lentils are. This could be a huge discovery for your pasta-loving followers who want to keep getting fitter without giving up on their mac and cheese.

Bentilia also offers rotini and penne, too, so you can satisfy all of your different pasta cravings (I know you have them – I definitely do!), without all the carbs and with a lot of healthy protein.

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