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There are software tools out there for just about anything to manage a business or even start a business. We’re talking about tools that can help build and manage a website or even software to simply edit your social media images. So with the growing demand for all these handy online tools, there has been a peak in businesses offering these software packages as a service. And that’s why today, we will be sharing with you 15 of the latest SaaS affiliate marketing programs where you can promote such software tools.

Let’s take a glimpse at these 15 affiliate programs that we will be covering today.

15 SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Cool Photo Editor (20% Commish)
  2. Online Store Builder (25% Commish)
  3. Neat Call-To-Action Tool (30% Commish)
  4. Digital Signage Tool (10% Commish)
  5. Drop Shipping Automation Tool (30% Commish)
  6. Cloud Cost Optimization Tool (20% Commish)
  7. Amazon Sales Tool (10% Commish)
  8. SEO Software (15% Commish)
  9. Abandoned Cart Tool (20% Commish)
  10. E-Commerce Conversion Tool (30% Commish)
  11. Fantastic Affiliate Tracking & Marketing Tool (20% Commish)
  12. Website Live Chat (20% Commish)
  13. Amazon Analytics Tool (15% Commish)
  14. Easy Bookkeeping Software (20% Commish)
  15. Jewelry Business Manager Software ($25 Commish)

Now, how about we kick off our SaaS affiliate marketing programs guide with some cool photo editing software that everyone can have some fun with.

1| Cool Photo Editor for 20% Commission

Download piZap's Photo Editor NowBefore you scroll past this thinking that this is just another one of those photo editors, you may want to hang around for a bit.

I came across piZap and I must confess that I got quite carried away when I decided to put this photo editor to test.

OMG! The filters. You know, in a world where a lot of us live for the gram, piZap will be the best thing that ever happened to your photos.

I love how it’s so easy to use. It even has a cool MEME tool that will help you create your own memes.

I was completely sold on when I checked out the facial touch up features. Remove blemishes, wrinkles and add airbrush and spray tan touch ups.

I’m so signing up – from only $2.99 per month, why not?

If you are interested in earning a recurring commission of 20% on subscriptions – then you had better sign up to become an affiliate of piZap and start promoting their awesome photo editor.

2| Online Store Builder for 25% Commission

Online Store Builder | SaaS Affiliate Marketing ProgramsThe e-commerce bus is here and you need to hop on before you miss it. I’m talking about starting your own online store.

I bet you’ve always wished you could but you somehow get your thoughts tangled when you’re trying to figure out how to go about it all.

Want everything you need to build an online store?

Then hop on to 3dcart and get started.  You’ll get a mobile ready website and you’ll be able to market and optimize your online store.

Conveniently manage orders without having to deal with commissions. Upload unlimited products and process unlimited orders.

If you snooze, you lose – so go on and get your online business started.

We know you love these recurring commissions, and that’s why this entry for the SaaS affiliate marketing programs guide offers exactly that! Firstly, register as an affiliate of 3dcart – then you can begin to promote the store builder and start making that 25% recurring commission.

3| Neat Call-To-Action Tool for 30% Commission

Increase Your Audience and Conversions with KeeplinkYou could be losing out on conversions. That’s if you have a wealth of content on your website but without a rocking call-to-action on each page. You need to max out on all your collateral and convert your audience.

Sign up on Keeplink and get a nifty call-to-action tool that will help you grow your audience and drive conversions.

Check out the demo and see it in action for yourself – what a difference this little tool can make.

Subscriptions start at $7.50 per month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 30% on subscriptions. This is one of the highest commission rates you will get in today’s guide of SaaS affiliate marketing programs. So we strongly suggest that you apply now to become an affiliate of Keeplink and start earning those bucks!

4| Digital Signage Tool for 10% Commission

Bakery Depot - Signage Made with Mango Signs

You know those cool digital displays in shops that have neat slides running?

Yeah, you might have always wanted one for your business until you told yourself that it’ll cost a fortune.

I found a cool tool that I’d love to share with you. Mango Signs easily allows you to create your own digital signage to run your TV screens.

Choose from templates and themes, customize and schedule. This is an effective communication tool that so many businesses can benefit from.

Sign up for a free account to give it a try and if you want to unlock more cool features, you can subscribe from $24.99 per month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 10% on subscriptions. Apply here to become an affiliate of Mango Signs.

5| Drop Shipping Automation Tool for 30% Commission

Automate Your Shopify Drop Shipping Business

Ok, so you’re inspired to start your own online store. But you have so many questions. What do you sell? Where do you stock your product? How do you fulfill orders?

I think it’s safe to say that it’s at this point most do not take further action.

The good news is that drop shipping is one of the easiest solutions to starting your own online store. And Dropified will help with automating your drop shipping business.

You’ll be able to do product research, process 1-click product imports, process 1-click order fulfillment and also scale your business.

All this great stuff from $47 per month. Worth the investment if you ask me.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 30% on subscriptions up to 12 months. Apply here to become an affiliate of Dropified.

6| Cloud Cost Optimization Tool for 20% Commission

Cloud Squeeze | SaaS Affiliate Marketing ProgramsYou can still meet your business’ revenue targets this year. While your focus may be on increasing sales, never underestimate the impact of reducing your costs.

Listen up if your current Amazon Web Service (AWS) bill gets you into a panic attack every month. Cloud Squeeze can squeeze your AWS spend up to 55%!

Did you know that $62 billion is overspent on capacity that is not needed?


So do yourself a favor and subscribe to Cloud Squeeze for 3% of your AWS spend.

This clever AI cloud cost optimization tool will guarantee at least a 5% saving so this means that you’re guaranteed to spend less even after subscribing for this service.

Smart stuff!

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. However, first, you must apply here to become an affiliate of Cloud Squeeze.

7| Amazon Sales Tool for 10% Commission

Great Amazon Sales Tool

E-commerce business is exciting – when you’re making money. With the right systems, it can be a breeze. But when you’re not selling and your bills are piling up, you start considering your life choices.

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you can experience the glory of higher sales and maximum profits thanks to RepricerExpress.

This Amazon sales tool help drive your listings through BuyBox features and more. You can also view current product pricing as well as price changes in the market – data that will help your pricing strategy to keep you competitive.

Sign up for their 15-day free trial and give it a spin for yourself.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of RepricerExpress.

8| SEO Software for 15% Commission

Improve Traffic to your Website | SaaS Affiliate Marketing ProgramsRunning an online business, on the most part, is enjoyable – as long as you stick to doing what you love. But there are always those tasks that bring out the biggest procrastinator in ourselves.

SEO is one of those tasks for many. But the reality is that you can’t ignore it without it costing you.

The good news is that Places Scout will make all your SEO tasks a breeze. This SEO software will save you time and help deliver results.

Get all-in-one solutions such as the rank tracker, online reputation monitoring, citation finder, lead generation, business listing audits and more.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Places Scout.

We are only halfway through our list of SaaS affiliate marketing programs. More great stuff to come! And if you’d like to browse even more SaaS related programs – then check out the full programs directory.

9| Abandoned Cart Tool for 20% Commission

Recover Lost Revenue with Cart Stack

So you’ve got a shiny new online store with beautiful images and content – it’s even responsive. There is no reason why users wouldn’t convert and make a purchase on your website, right?

Until you have a look at your website analytics that shows many users have abandoned their cart. These are people that have added items on your store to their cart but for some mysterious reason, they did not complete the checkout process.

You need CartStack to help you recover almost lost customers on your e-commerce website.

Recover 15%+ of your abandoned users and up to $34,000 in revenue per month from as little as $29/month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 20%. Apply here to become an affiliate of CartStack.

10| E-Commerce Conversion Tool  for 30% Commission

Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Starting an online business is exciting. The thrill of clicking conversions coming straight into your inbox.

Uh, until that doesn’t happen. Which you may have already discovered as your bubble burst.

Most websites only experience a conversion rate of 3%, that’s if they even convert at all. And the rest of the 97% of traffic is wasted together with the painful ad spend.

Not. Just. Yet.

Because Groovejar will certainly turn things around for you. You will generate up to three times more leads with their smart popup. Drive conversions through your leads and watch your sales grow.

Sign up from as little as $39 per month.

Affiliates earn a commission of 30% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Groovejar.

The next contestant for our SaaS affiliate marketing programs listing is definitely a show-stopper. Take a look…

11| Fantastic Affiliate Tracking & Marketing Tool for 20% Commission

Easy Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Sharing

Are you ready to ignite your online sales through a powerful salesforce across the globe?

That sounds big, doesn’t it?

However, all you need is one easy tool: LeadDyno. Simply launch your very own affiliate program in minutes and then let the big LeadDyno engine do all the work for you.

Get reliable tracking for you and your affiliates, affiliate marketing tools that will make you look all fancy-pants, smooth affiliate payouts and so much more smart affiliate marketing stuff.

Best of all, LeadDyno will plug your affiliate program into their massive affiliate network. No sweat if you’re new to affiliate marketing ‘cause you’ll get a wealthy supply of help and support to help you win.

So, go on and give it a try!

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 20% on active memberships.

12| Website Live Chat for 20% Commission

Talk to your Customers with LiveChatWhat if the only thing between your website and a whole lot more sales is a super-cool live chat tool?

Yup, LiveChat is a real-time live chat software for your website that will increase your sales and meet your customer support needs – it’s all the magic you need.

Customers love live chat, as it’s the fastest way to provide support and at the same time, it helps increase your sale conversions.

LiveChat is so great and it is in fact, exactly why we use it too!

If you snooze, then you lose. Plans start from as little as $16 per month.

Affiliates earn a rocking recurring 20% commission on sales for the contract lifetime. Now, this is surely one of those SaaS affiliate marketing programs that you can’t miss out on. So sign up quickly to become an affiliate of LiveChat. and start earning big for promoting this live chat software.

13| Amazon Analytics Tool for 15% Commission

Amazon Analytics Tool to Improve Your SEO

If you’re an Amazon seller or if you’re even just flirting with the idea of exploring your possibilities through this well-oiled e-commerce distribution machine, listen up.

Your success depends on this one powerful Amazon analytics tool: DataHawk.

Track keywords, discover low competition niches, get product metrics, view sales estimates and so much more.

See just how powerful data insights can be for your business.

Sign up for a free plan to get started and if you’d like more data goodness, subscribe from as little as $19 per month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 15% on active memberships. Apply here to become an affiliate of DataHawk.

14| Easy Bookkeeping Software for 20% Commission

Easy To Use Bookkeeping Software

Do you know what’s a real pain in running a business?

It’s staying on top of your bookkeeping. Heck, staying on top of business is already a hassle. Because dealing with finances isn’t for everyone and in the name of saving you loads of money.

So do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up for BluSavvy.

From only $9.99 per month, you can access this easy bookkeeping software.

Perfect for direct sales consultants, BluSavvy gives you smart financial reporting and pretty much takes care of your financial records.

Go ahead and see it for yourself.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on active memberships. Apply here to become an affiliate of BluSavvy.

Now let’s take a look at the final entry for today’s SaaS affiliate marketing programs – recommended for those of you that are into your *Bling*!

15| Jewelry Business Manager Software for $25 Commission

Jewelry Designer Manager | SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’re a jewelry designer, then you’re probably very creative and crafty. Thus, being consumed with creating your next masterpiece is pretty much your daily vibe.

And managing your business?

Erm, up in the air.

Relax, Bejeweled Software Company will help you manage your jewelry business with no sweat.

Manage inventory, pricing, sales, and customers. Get organized so you can focus on your creations with everything under control.

This jewelry designer manager software is great for designers, beaders and crafters.

If you are keen to earn a generous commission of $25 per sale, then start promoting this brilliant jewelry business software. But make sure to register as an affiliate of Bejeweled before doing anything else.

Recap of the 15 SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you made it to the end, then you’re probably stuck on deciding which of the above SaaS affiliate marketing programs to choose – because they are all so great, right!

Do not worry.

Bookmark this page – then give one of the programs a try and come back later for the rest!

Finally, here’s a reminder of the 15 SaaS affiliate programs available to save you from having to backtrack:

  1. Cool Photo Editor
  2. Online Store Builder
  3. Neat Call-To-Action Tool
  4. Digital Signage Tool
  5. Drop Shipping Automation Tool
  6. Cloud Cost Optimization Tool
  7. Amazon Sales Tool
  8. SEO Software
  9. Abandoned Cart Tool
  10. E-Commerce Conversion Tool
  11. Fantastic Affiliate Tracking & Marketing Tool
  12. Website Live Chat
  13. Amazon Analytics Tool
  14. Easy Bookkeeping Software
  15. Jewelry Business Manager Software

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