15 Reasons Why You Need a Squarespace Affiliate Program

Why Squarespace Affiliate Program

Millions of people now use Squarespace to have an online home base, to promote their brand, and to facilitate their e-commerce business. Squarespace is an easy tool for both website building and hosting, perfect for a business owner without much website design experience. The platform boasts tons of templates, so you can choose the look you want without the hassle of a time-consuming design process.

Once you have created your website and online store, one of your next steps should be to set up a Squarespace affiliate program. An affiliate program essentially allows you to reward people who refer customers to your store. These affiliates are often influencers on social media, for example, who get a commission for the sales they help you make. This system benefits both your brand and the influencers.

So, why do it? Here are 15 good reasons why you should consider adding an affiliate program to your site.

1. Boost Revenue

First and probably most importantly, an affiliate program can help you boost sales and, in turn, revenue. With brand promoters out there showcasing your products or services, you’ll see more interest generated by people who know how to influence others. When you’re ready to scale your business, an affiliate program can deliver fantastic results, and you’ll see a nice boost in profits.

2. Low Risk

A big plus of affiliate programs is that you only pay for great performance. This means that you don’t have to compensate affiliates when they don’t drive conversions. So, there’s not much financial risk involved in setting up an affiliate program.

3. Low Costs

It’s very affordable to start an affiliate program in Squarespace, with low ongoing costs for software and plugins. When you decide to use Squarespace affiliate software, you can usually take advantage of a free trial to get to know the tool and then pay a low monthly fee that is nothing compared to the extra revenue you’re getting. 

4. High ROI‌

Considering the cost of an affiliate program is so low, you have the potential to see a significant return on investment (ROI) on your affiliate program. Each time a new customer is referred to you and makes a purchase, the amount you pay affiliates is much lower than all that extra revenue you get coming in.

5. More Traffic

Of course, you get a lot more traffic to your website when you have influencers out there talking about you and showcasing your products. More traffic to your online store is always a good thing, helping you get more purchases and loyal customers.

6. Build Trust

Influencers and brand ambassadors are effective because they have built up strong online followings. Their supporters trust what they do and say, and so customers are very likely to listen to them when they’re talking about you. 

7. Reward Existing Customers

In affiliate marketing, you can actually use your existing customers as affiliates and reward them for all the support they’ve shown you already. This also helps you establish stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your audiences, which sustain your business.

8. Support Industry Influencers‌

Whatever industry your business is in, remember that engaging affiliates means you are supporting content creators and influencers who are in your same market. This helps boost the entire industry and gets your name out to more of your target network.

9. Brand Awareness

An affiliate program will also help you generate brand awareness. Think of all the people who follow influencers — those people will all see your name and learn about you when you get affiliates talking about you and why you’re so great.

10. Social Proof

Similarly, influencers take advantage of the concept of social proof, wherein people mimic the behaviors that other people exhibit. Social proof is essentially when people ask themselves: what are other people doing, and how can I do it? When they see an affiliate talking about a brand or product, followers will want to have it too.

11. Choose Your Partners

You can handpick the partners you work with, so you can always be sure that affiliates align with your brand values and tone. Only partner with people you really want to be associated with.

12. Automation‌

Using a Squarespace affiliate plugin allows you to set everything up and let it run on its own. There is some work required to manage your affiliate program but nothing you can’t handle.You don’t have to know much about the affiliate world and affiliate software to take advantage of all these benefits.

13. Grow Your Audience

Working with affiliates helps you reach people that you would never be able to reach otherwise. Influencers often have large social media followings, including a wide range of people who may be interested in your brand. Reach a much broader audience and increase your exposure with an affiliate program.

14. More Repeat Customers

When someone a customer looks up to recommends your products and brand name, they’re more likely to make a purchase and to keep coming back to you for more. Buying products that influencers are buying makes customers feel like they’re staying up on the latest trends, and many of these customers will become loyal to you once they see how great your products are.

15. Diversify Your Revenue‌

Finally, an affiliate program helps you create a diverse portfolio of revenue streams. The more outlets you use to boost sales, the better. You’ll see greater interest in your products, more website traffic, and more conversions. Having multiple sources of revenue allows your business to grow like never before.

Why Use LeadDyno?

The benefits of setting up a Squarespace affiliate program are many. However, if these reasons haven’t yet convinced you, learn more about how LeadDyno makes the process even easier. We help you set up an affiliate program in moments using our Squarespace affiliate software. There, you can manage everything in one place, including affiliate payouts.

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