11 Online Business Affiliate Programs to Earn Money

Guide to Online Business Affiliate Programs

We bring you another great line up of affiliate programs that you can register with today. And potentially, even start earning money today! In our latest guide to get you earning money, the focus goes to Online Business Affiliate Programs. We have done our best to broaden the range of services offered so that you have a better selection to suit your needs.

If you are a merchant looking for ideas to start your own affiliate program, then hopefully our online business affiliate programs guide will prove useful to you.

Now let’s take a quick peek at the 11 online programs that we are going to talk about today:

  • Membership to create an income stream
  • Startup business solutions
  • Team productivity tool
  • Approved Amazon Wholesalers ($20 Commish)
  • Simplified Website Services ($100 Commish
  • Loyalty Program to Increase Sales (50% Commish)
  • Innovative Bluetooth Marketing (35% Commish)
  • Digital Business Cards ($20 Commish)
  • Ads that Convert (15% Commish)
  • Social Media Growth Services (5% Commish)
  • Marketing Materials Printing (10% Commish)

Earn Money with these Online Business Affiliate Programs

Membership to Create an Income Stream ⋆ 8-50% Commission ⋆

Virtual Boot Camp - Now taking on members

If you think you’ve experienced the tough end of the struggle spectrum, well, apparently the worst is yet to come. Because the “most destructive economic force you’ll ever see in your lifetime” is fast approaching. Everyone is in panic mode because their 8-5 job situation is just not cutting it. The scramble for plan B, C, and D is on.

My Empowerment Zone will help you take control, create your own income stream and gain the necessary knowledge to thrive in the 21st Century. Join as a Virtual Bootcamp Member for only $45/month. Sounds like a plan.

This is definitely an interesting one to start off our online business affiliate programs post. Dependant on the plan structure, affiliates can earn between 8 and 50% in commissions! So give it a go and apply here to become an affiliate of My Empowerment Zone.

Startup Business Solutions ⋆ 20% Commission ⋆

Apple Cat Zebra - Startup Business Solutions

Having a business startup plan is great. But a plan without action is just a dream. If you want to make your plan a reality, then its time to get up and start executing it. AppleCatZebra will help make starting your business easy.

From business registration services, marketing solutions, business coaching services, media and online solutions. You can access everything you need, all in one place, to get your business started in an easy step-by-step process. Say No to sweat. No to stress. And No to excuses.

Why not help others start up their business while earning a little money through commissions on sales. Find out how by signing up and affiliating with AppleCatZebra.

Team Productivity Tool ⋆ 60% Commission ⋆

vBIZPRO - Team Productivity ToolYou’ve started your business, high five! Great product. Great service. But your team’s productivity may or may not suck. You know your productivity has a direct impact on your business’ revenue. The more you accomplish, the more money you’ll make – hopefully. If you’ve found you or your team members losing control of tasks and you’re all running around like headless chickens then you need vBizPro, seriously.

It’s time to make you and your team productive again. Track your projects, manage milestones, coordinate, collaborate and communicate – all on one platform. Tasks will never get lost in emails again. Your team will never lose the ball again. Membership is a contract-free $99 per month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 60% for the lifetime of memberships signed on. Apply here to become an affiliate of vBizPro.

Approved Amazon Wholesalers ⋆ $20 Commission ⋆

Amazon Wholesaler - Wholesale Is Easy

Do you have an Amazon wholesale business or have you been playing with the idea of starting one? One of the challenges of running a wholesale business is sourcing good products at great prices and passing this value to your customers.  In the wholesale environment, one blunder can cost you lump sums of money – unlike in the B2C space. So if you are looking to build a great network of suppliers, Wholesale Is Easy will help you.

Every month you’ll get at least 5 new Amazon FBA approved wholesalers. You’ll learn how to maximize profits, bundle products and you’ll receive expert tips. Get this amazing value from $89.99 per month.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of $20 per month. How about that for a guaranteed monthly income? Apply now to become an affiliated with Wholesale Is Easy.

Simplified Website Services ⋆ $100 Commission ⋆

Made of Cloud website creation

Want a website without having to deal with the fuss? Getting tangled in the technical stuff when it comes to setting up your website can be overwhelming. I don’t blame you. No one needs to be stressing over things like website design, development, hosting and content management. You just want something that works – something that works for YOU.

Made of Cloud will make it work for you and they’ll make the process simple. They’ll handle everything and have your website up and running from as little as $495.99.

Want to earn 100 bucks for each sale that you send their way? Then apply here to become an affiliate of Made of Cloud.

Seen any online business affiliate programs that you like yet? Just to let you know… if you click here we’ll take you to even more affiliate programs to browse through.

Loyalty Program to Increase Sales ⋆ 50% Commission ⋆

Gift Hopper - Gifts for every occassion

Would you like to boost your sales? Most businesses think they need to acquire new customers in order to boost their sales. However, studies show that over 50% of a business’ revenue comes from existing customers. So, why not boost sales from your existing customers? It’s not only easier but it will be much cheaper than focusing on acquiring new customers.

With GiftHopper, you can send a gift to your loyal customers from as little as $5. They’ll make sending gifts to your clients as easy as sending an email. Your clients will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness and you’ll win their loyalty.

Affiliates earn an awesome commission of 50% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of GiftHopper.

Innovative Bluetooth Marketing ⋆ 35% Commission ⋆

Bluetooth Marketing - 247 Billboard

Marketing. The thing that every and any business is doing. What are your chances of standing out from the noisy crowd?  You’ve got to be different to be noticed. 247Billboard will help you be different – in a strategic way. Using Bluetooth technology, you can send promotional broadcasts to people within about 300 feet of your device.

This is a great solution for environments where large numbers of people are gathered. Events, restaurants and shopping malls. This clever marketing tool will attract more leads and generate more sales for your business – not bad from only $20 per month.

Affiliates earn a fantastic recurring 35% commission on monthly subscriptions. Apply here to become an affiliate of 247Billboard.

Digital Business Cards ⋆ $20 Commission ⋆

Visness Card - Digital Business Cards

Business cards have become a standard marketing material. So you get boxes of business card supplies and hand them out at any opportunity. But what happens if things change along the way. Change in your business, contact number, website address or email address? All those business cards you’ve handed out expire. Oops. Save yourself from such an inconvenient crisis, by investing in a digital business card from Visness Card.

From as little as $16.50 per month, you can put your company on the home screen of your contacts’ smartphones. Updating your details is seamless because your digital business card will automatically be refreshed on devices that have it. Thank goodness.

Affiliates earn a commission of $20 on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Visness Card.

Ads that Convert ⋆ 15% Commission ⋆

Conversion Cub - Creating custom ads that convert

In 2018, businesses need to focus their online strategy on driving conversions. The fad for fancy websites with bells and whistles is over. It’s the bottom line that matters. So, you’ll be pleased to discover Conversion Cub’s services.

They’ll create custom ad copy for your Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads campaign – all focused on driving conversions. Their services are affordable so why not give them a try?

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Conversion Cub.

Social Media Growth Services ⋆ 5% Commission ⋆

Services to grow your social media following

Need to boost your social media growth urgently? Now before you jump to conclusions, this is actually legit. Instant Social Growth can help you with your on-demand social growth needs. No fake traffic or engagements. You’ll get real followers, likes, and comments.

They use targeted marketing to reach your ideal audience – a very clever method used to drive traffic. Get the reach and engagements that you need when you need it.

This may seem like the lowest commission rate of the bunch, but on the contrary, social media marketing is on a rise. And so services to boost social media are very sought after. So jump onboard the social media growth train and start promoting Instant Social Growth.

Marketing Materials Printing ⋆ 10% Commission ⋆

UZ Marketing - Printing for your business needs

Sometimes, the difference between customers coming to you or strutting off to your competitors lies in your presentation. So in 2018, make your business presentation as professional as you can make it. Don’t stress about how or what, because UZ Marketing will serve all your marketing material printing needs.

From banners, business cards, brochures, t-shirts to event tents, car magnets and so much more – they print it all. UZ Marketing also offers same-day service for those last minute jobs, phew.

Last but not least, affiliates of UZ Marketing can make 10% commissions on sales. Register here if you are interested in becoming affiliated with UZ Marketing.

Want to get your hands on even more online business affiliate programs so you can rake in the commissions? We have 35+ more business programs that you can register with.

Concluding the Online Business Affiliate Programs Guide

Now that’s a wrap! We hope you have found a program that is perfect for you, or perhaps you want to register for multiple online business affiliate programs! Then that’s even better!

Looking to explore other affiliate niches? Then you can always check out other blog posts that we have released. In fact, we have actually just published a rather lengthy selection of Food & Drink affiliate programs which you are very welcome to take a look at!

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