Easy Recurly Affiliate Integration with LeadDyno

Selling one product at a time is great. But earning a recurring fee, one month at a time—now that’s earning an income. Recurly is an online payment system perfect for businesses that prefer it when a single sale lasts all year—also known as a subscription.

If you already love the subscription model and you’re looking for an easy Recurly affiliate integration, LeadDyno is the perfect product for you.

The process is simple, intuitive, and won’t cost you any extra fees—and afterwards, you’ll be able to use your Recurly Account for managing sales and payments while utilizing your LeadDyno dashboard.

Setting Up a Recurly Account

If you’re not already acquainted with Recurly, we recommend checking out their services. They have a free sign-up page advertising itself as having no sign-up fees and no long-term contract. What’s more, they offer a quick setup that will have you ready to accept recurring purchases with customers within a matter of days.

So why set up an account with Recurly when there are other payment options, from PayPal to Shopify? Recurly’s emphasis on subscriptions is one reason. They make it easy to set up trial subscriptions that entice your potential customers to sign up long-term, manage your subscription plans, and use add-ons to squeeze the most possible functionality out of their service. They also make handling taxes, invoicing, coupons, and discounts quick and easy—and as you know, we here at LeadDyno are all about quick and easy.

The small business plan is $99/month over at Recurly, with an Enterprise account costing some $299/month. You can squeeze a lot of function out of the small business plan, including credit card processing with a mere 10 cent per transaction / 1.25% of revenue fee. The Enterprise account will cost you a similar investment, but offers more features including Invoice Billing, Multi-Currency Support, and integration with Salesforce.

To get set up with a new account, simply fill out your information on their sign-up page thoroughly and accurately. No worries here—you can set up a free demo account to give Recurly a try before you’re sure whether or not you want to invest in a small business or enterprise plan. After that, make sure you write down all of your Recurly account information for integrating with your LeadDyno account.

How-To: Connect Recurly to Your LeadDyno Account

Note: Integrating Recurly with LeadDyno is a simple process, but if you want to follow along with our detailed

First step? Enable hosted payment—without this, nothing else will work and you’ll end up confused and frustrated.

Once that’s accomplished, you’ll have to make sure that LeadDyno is able to “receive events about purchases” made by your customers over on Recurly. That’s a fancy was of saying that your LeadDyno should go “ding!” every time you make a sale that registers with Recurly.

To pull off this feat, select Push Notifications on the menu on the left

Click Configure, and then fill the Push Notification URL Text Field with https://collector.leaddyno.com/recurly_push_notification?key=YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY

Fill in YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with the API key you found on your LeadDyno Dashboard, and leave the other fields—HTTP Auth Username and HTTP Auth Password blank. Click Update Configuration, and you’ve properly configured your Recurly.

But that’s not the end of your journey, young grasshopper. There’s a little more to do before you’re fully integrated with Recurly. It’s a simple process, but it involves—gulp—HTML code, so you’ll want to make sure you get it exactly right.

Essentially, you’ll add a special “parameter” to any link you send to your Recurly-hosted payment pages. For example:




This allows LeadDyno to link up the appropriate visitor with the appropriate purchase so that you know exactly where your customers are coming from.

Believe it or not, that’s it! You’re now ready to utilize both LeadDyno and Recurly in conjunction with one another to understand all of your customer and purchasing statistics while still working within the framework of Recurly’s seamless subscription management systems.

Recurly Affiliate Settings and Management

Of course, as an affiliate manager, you have a lot more to do than simply monitor visitor and purchase numbers. You have to actually pay out your affiliates accurately and on time. Fortunately, by integrating LeadDyno with Recurly, you’ll have an easy solution for affiliate management and timely payouts.

LeadDyno, as always, will calculate the payouts based on the payment structure you’ve already set up. (If you need a refresher on that subject, check out our essential LeadDyno docs for intalling LeadDyno and setting up an affiliate structure.)

Once you have linked LeadDyno with Recurly, the number of conversions will be tracked automatically in your LeadDyno page. You’ll also have the option to pay out affiliates with PayPal, Dwolla, or directly through checks. You’ll be able to view a page that looks like this:

The payment process is simple once you’ve filled out all of the information in the section above for a full integration of Recurly links and LeadDyno statistics.

Recurly and LeadDyno: Advantages and Features

Recurly is perfect for subscription-based businesses, such as online forums, newsletters, magazines, and content-based Internet pages. But it’s easy to make a subscription purchase simply using PayPal. Why should you think about integrating Recurly with LeadDyno? What are the inherent advantages?

Personally, we believe that Recurly does a heck of a job with all of the little details about subscription purchases that many affiliate managers ignore. Recurly makes it easy to upgrade or downgrade an account, cancel a plan, set up 30-day trials, set up add-ons for each subscription—all while allowing you to create as many subscriptions as you please.

But Recurly isn’t only about providing subscription-based purchases. It also helps with billing management, including helping you write invoices, pay taxes, and create coupons and discounts for your promotions.

While Recurly is somewhat costly compared to other online payment vendors, we think the subscription support separates it from the rest. Many businesses thrive from subscription and annual purchases, and if you don’t have a first-rate vendor handling communication and fulfillment of these subscriptions, then you’re going to find yourself with some very irate customers.

Integrating Recurly with LeadDyno also allows you to entice affiliates into your affiliate program—after all, affiliates love a good subscription purchase. When one sale yields commissions for months on end, there’s only more incentive to spread the word about your website, your products, and your services.