What to do when all the Good Ideas Have Been Taken

Good IdeaStarting a business is a simple process but keeping it from failing is difficult. Most business owners struggle with bringing something new to the market. Repetitive ideas and campaigns can make consumers lose interest. [Read more…]

Building an Online Presence via Affiliate Marketing

Online Presence via Affiliate Marketing: Starting a business is easy. It’s the maintenance that’s the hard part. You’ve already invested a lot of time and money into your business. But the confusing part for most entrepreneurs is figuring out how to create an online presence. [Read more…]

Avoiding Big, Ugly Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate Marketing ScamsAffiliate marketing is beneficial if you’re looking to earn from home. But it can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to start. Many affiliate marketers, who are new to the business, fall prey to scams. They’re easy targets because of inexperience and lack of resources. [Read more…]

A Short History of Affiliate Marketing

History of Affiliate MarketingHistory of Affiliate Marketing: Before affiliate marketing came into being, brands used traditional methods of marketing. This meant billboard advertising, live marketing and posters or ads in shops and newspapers. [Read more…]

5 Secrets Of A Super Affiliate Mindset

Affiliate Mindset:

Here are 5 key secrets of super-affiliates:

[Read more…]

How to Shorten Affiliate Links

How to Shorten Affiliate Links

Looking to get a handle on your unwieldy affiliate links and make them easier for your partners to share?

Here’s how you can take advantage of the new custom link shortener we built into LeadDyno:

  1. Click to your Affiliate Settings and select Edit.
  2. Check Shorten URLs.
  3. Click Save.

That’s it! Affiliates will now have shortened links available to use on their affiliate dashboards.

Plus, Social Media Shortcuts

Remember many affiliates will simply take advantage of the social media shortcuts that are available to them in the affiliate dashboard:

You’ll want to update the social media messages from time-to-time. That helps keep content fresh for affiliates who share frequently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

You can write your social shares, or update them, by visiting your Affiliate Content section within LeadDyno (or clicking here).

Not sure what to write? If you’re not already an affiliate of ours, you can join our LeadDyno affiliate program to see what I’m up to. You’re also welcome to reply to this email if you’d like me to look at your current Facebook post or Tweet.

New Integrations! Ecwid, ReCharge and Chargebee

We have 3 new LeadDyno integrations to announce:

  • Ecwid (which also opens up LeadDyno to Wix users using this shopping cart)
  • ReCharge (Recurring Billing & Subscriptions for Shopify)
  • Chargebee (Recurring Billing & Subscriptions)
This brings our e-commerce integration total up to 17. Have a question on an existing integration? Have a request for a new one? Please let me know.

Finally in Case You Missed It…

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Problems You Might Experience With An Affiliate Marketing Network

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The Myths Surrounding Affiliate Marketing

Myths Surrounding Affiliate MarketingWhether you are the owner of a multinational company or a startup business, affiliate marketing—if used the right way—can greatly benefit your business.

There are, however, a number of myths surrounding such programs and the software provided by various companies. [Read more…]

Developing Trust With Your Online Audience

Online AudienceOver 80% of brands use affiliate marketing.

They engage with their customers online. They build relationships for a strong customer base. The most valuable aspect of this relationship however is trust. [Read more…]

3 New Hair Extension Affiliate Programs

Here are 3 brand new affiliate programs for hair extension products that just launched. Read on to learn how you can be the first to promote these:

Human hair extensions

Virgin hair & braids

Versatile hair extensions


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