Management Practices To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Affiliate Channel

affiliate channelThere are a number of factors one needs to take into consideration when planning on expanding their business.

Many individuals are unaware of how beneficial a strong affiliate channel can actually be.

There are companies that invest a great deal of money for successful affiliate marketing.

What will truly make you a top business manager is if you guide your affiliates for maximum benefit.

Here are a number of ideas you can use. [Read more…]

3 New Affiliate Programs for These Hair Products


New Affiliate Programs for Hair Products:

Cosplay Wigs and Costumes for 10% Commissions

Ruler Cosplay makes original wigs, cosplay wigs and cosplay costumes. Their talented costume design and marketing team keeps up with Cosplay and animated trends to provide the popular wigs and clothing items.

This company appreciates affiliates – it recently boosted its affiliate commissions to 10%.

Click here to join Ruler Cosplay’s affiliate program.

Hair Products

Premium Quality Hair Extensions for 10% Commissions

Looking for high quality hair extensions to promote? Weave Got It has several beautiful collections, including straight, wavy, curly and afro / kinky.

Earn 10% affiliate commissions, generous discounts for yourself and get access to co-promotion opportunities to boot.
Click here to join Weave Got It’s affiliate program.


affiliate program: Hair Products

Hair Replacement Products for Women

Wig Galaxy serves women with hair loss problems, including those experiencing alopecia, chemotherapy or natural hair loss. They offer a variety of styles, from classic to trendy, without cutting or causing color damage to existing hair.

The company carries all major brands, and provides personal and discrete service that sets it apart in the hair replacement industry.

Wig Galaxy offers a tiered rewards program, so you’ll make more as you sell more.

Click here to join Wig Galaxy’s Affiliate Program.

How To Check The Success Of Your Ad- Conversion Tracking

conversion tracking software

When marketing your product online, how do you know if your sales are increasing? Is affiliate marketing really working for you? You can now track the success of your online marketing strategies with conversion tracking software. [Read more…]

3 New Affiliate Programs for These Unique Products

3 New Affiliate ProgramsDesigns by Planner Perfect for 10% Commissions:

Do you love to plan? Planner Perfect makes homemade planners, plan books, journals and notebooks. Founder Jenny Penton uses only the best paper, hand sews the bindings with vibrant red thread and uses beautiful artwork on the covers.

Since opening in June 2016, she’s sold more than 10,000 plan books, planners and journals. Most customers are repeat customers, buying between $50 and $125 per order.

You’ll earn 10% affiliate commissions on all sales you refer.


Click here to join Planner Perfect’s affiliate program.




Affiliate ProgramsRaw Food Appliances – Get Paid Per Click

Get paid per click, lead AND purchase with Juicerville’s generous affiliate program!

Juicerville sells an array of appliances to support your raw food lifestyle, including blenders, juicers, mixers and mills. Promote any product from more than 20 of the industry’s leading brands, including Vitamix, KitchenAid and more.

And you’ll earn affiliate commissions for each click you send! You’ll make $0.25 per click, $1 per lead and a generous percentage of profit on each sale.
Click here to join Juicerville’s affiliate program.


New Affiliate Programs10% Commissions on the World’s Most Powerful Flashlight:

Fenix Outfitters sells the world’s toughest, brightest and most reliable flashlights and headlamps. Perfect for adventurers, outdoors enthusiasts, security professionals and military personnel. Free shipping on products within the US. And you’ll earn 10% affiliate commissions on sales you refer.

5 Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Here are 5 conversion killing mistakes to avoid for a successful email marketing campaign:

[Read more…]

LeadDyno’s Affiliate Marketing App is Here

Dear LeadDyno Affiliate,

We’ve got a new affiliate marketing mobile app for your phone – so that you can generate more affiliate commissions anytime you’re killing time messing with your phone!

The app is free, and it will let you access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard from your iPhone or Android so that you can:

  • Easily share your referral link,
  • Track your commission payments,
  • And boost your affiliate income by sharing more often on social media.

You can also browse and join other affiliate programs from the app too. It’s the easiest way to broaden the portfolio of unique products you represent as an affiliate.

Just install our app now by searching for Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno in your phone’s app store. Here are the direct links for Affiliate Dashboard for iPhone and Affiliate Dashboard for Android.

Questions? Please reply to this email.

PS – LeadDyno affiliate payments are going out later today via PayPal. If we owe you $100 or more, you’ll be receiving a payment.

PPS – Have time to leave a review in Apple’s App Store or Google Play? Let me know so that I can get you hooked up with a $20 commission bonus as a thank you.



Access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard here.

New Affiliate Marketing Mobile App

Your affiliates probably spend as much (or more) time on their phone than they do on their computer. So, we’ve got a new mobile app that will help them send referrals your way directly from their iPhone or Android!

Here are some quick instructions you’re welcome to forward over to your affiliates.

NEW Mobile App: Affiliate Dashboard

Dear Affiliate,

We’ve got a new mobile app for your phone. It’s free, and it will let you access your affiliate dashboard from your phone so that you can:

  • Easily share your referral link,
  • Track your commission payments,
  • And boost your affiliate income by sharing more often on social media.

You can install our app now by searching for Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno in your phone’s app store. Here are the direct links for Affiliate Dashboard for iPhone and Affiliate Dashboard for Android.

Questions? Please reply to this email, and/or sign up for our next live webcast here.

Mistakes Made By New Affiliate Marketers

affiliate marketersWhen diving into the world of affiliate marketing, one common mistake some individuals make is not having the right vision in mind. [Read more…]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing – The 4 Stages

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is a mean by which you can not only earn money, but secure a position for yourself in the world of online marketing.

Because of the growing use of technology, more businesses choose to advertise their products online.

Here is how you can get involved: [Read more…]

3 New Affiliate Programs for These Hot Products

Affiliate Programs

New Affiliate Programs:

A Portable Multi-Color LED Cube

Enevu’s CUBE is a small, powerful multi-color LED light “cube” that’ll go anywhere with you. It produces 3 levels of soft white light, up to 100 lumens, and you can adjust its colors to fit your mood. The cube is spash-proof, so it’s perfect for road trips. The CUBE is quite affordable at just $29.90. Affiliates earn 15% commissions.

Click here to join Enevu’s affiliate program.




New Affiliate

The Perfect Flight Flasks

Don’t board your next flight without one! These 100mL Flight Flasks are TSA approved. They’re perfect for getting your own liquids (alcoholic or otherwise) aboard a U.S. commercial flight.

The flasks are just $14.99 and you’ll earn a generous 33% commission for each one you refer.


Click here to join Flight Flask’s affiliate program.





New Affiliate Programs

Amazing Metal Doors 15% to 25% Commission

Attention home bloggers and influencers! Amazing Doors & Hardware is the only metal door company you’ll ever need to refer. They offer metal steel doors, electronic locks, card-access locks, and other metal accessories for the home.­­­

They offer amazing 15% to 25% affiliate commissions for every sale you refer, paid monthly.


Click here to join Amazing Door’s Affiliate Program.